How does Porcupine work?

Simply run your hand through the Porcupine. The bristles will hold onto the hair, leaving your hands clean. Repeat if needed. You can also ball up the hair or remove the hair from your hands and place it inside.

How does Porcupine hide your shower hair?

Porcupine holds your hair out of view by placing it inside. You can even latch the top and bottom lids for full closure.

How do I remove hair from my Porcupine?

Simply flip your Porcupine inside out. Pull the hair out like you would a hair brush. If needed, rinse and clean the inside. When finished, flip your Porcupine back to its hiding place.

How do I clean my Porcupine?

Frequently scrub your Porcupine with soap and water. It is dishwasher safe (below 200 degrees Fahrenheit), top rack recommended.  

Is my Porcupine reusable?

Yes! Porcupine is made out of silicone and is completely reusable.

When can I expect my Porcupine?

Orders will ship within 1-3 business days, expect to receive it 5-7 days in the US and 10-14 days internationally. Please understand Holiday shipping might increase the shipping timeline. 

How does Porcupine attach to the wall?

Suction cups. Prior to suctioning to the wall make sure the suction cups as well as the surfaces are properly cleaned. Now included in your Porcupine box or can be bought separately is our PorcuSpine. The PorcuSpine allows your Porcupine to adapt to more shower surfaces. 

Where can I place my Porcupine?

Porcupine can be suctioned to the shower wall, glass door, or even your bathtub. It will stick to ceramic tile, porcelain, and glass. It can be hung on a hook or shower caddy by the top latch. The bottom lid can be closed and Porcupine can be placed on a shelf or ledge in the shower. PorcuSpine is a new additional back piece that will help your Porcupine adapt to even more shower surfaces. The 3M adhesive is semi-permanent allowing it to hold as long as you would like as well as easily be removed when needed. 

Where is it available? 

Porcupine is currently available in the USA and Canada.

How much is shipping?

FREE shipping within the USA. Outside the USA, calculated shipping and associated custom fees are the customers responsibility. 

Porcupine is covered by U.S Patent No. 11,680,396